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Measure and monitor your business water use

Saving water and money on your business bills begins with an accurate assessment of your use. Here's what you need to get started.

Knowing how much water you use, as well as when you use it and why you’re using it, is the first essential step to saving it. Sure, it seems like a plentiful resource here in Scotland but water requires energy to pump, clean and supply. Like any raw material, if you waste it you'll pay for it.

Our free-to-download guide, Measuring and Monitoring your Resources, provides expert advice on how to assess your water use, including:

  • A user-friendly introduction to bar charts – so you can start painting an overall picture of your water use. This helps to highlight anomalies such as out-of-hours water use, which may point to leaks, automatic flushing, and other water wasters
  • Key Performance Indicators – is your water use up to scratch? Assess your resource efficiency against industry standards


Tracking water use

Our water use tracking tool will show you how to track your water consumption, using:

  • Regular water meter readings – we have a video to help with that
  • Daily recordings which automatically update – great for keeping you on track, and for sharing with your staff


Conduct a site walk around to audit your water

We’ve produced a free and fully comprehensive checklist to help you conduct a systematic water audit. Walk around your business and observe what you see. This easy to use checklist will help you to do a thorough on-site inspection to locate leaks and check that water-saving equipment is still delivering savings.


Involve staff

Encouraging staff to report dripping taps and leaks is a quick win. After all, a broken tap (even one for example one with a 3mm flow) could cost your organisation around £752 every year in water and sewerage costs. Repairs are quick and simple, often only requiring the fitting of a new washer or simple tightening of fittings.

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