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Welcome to Zero Waste Scotland. Our role is to help everyone in Scotland to better understand how our lifestyles can impact the country and the wider world we all live in.   

Want to know how to waste less at home, or become an expert in reducing, reusing and recycling? We will show you how to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by consuming and wasting less in Scotland. 

How we can help

Everything we do, buy and use has an impact on the planet. By making small changes to our daily routines, we can each play a part in halting the climate crisis in its tracks.

Why change matters

Are you looking to start your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle?

Where to start

For everything you’ve ever wondered, and more. Our handy ‘how to’ guides are here to help. 

How to guides
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One thing you can do today

We often say that it is the small changes to our routine that can have the biggest impact – from flights to food and fashion to furnishings – buying and wasting less would help to reduce our carbon footprint. But even then, it can be overwhelming to decide where is best to start. Why not take note of areas in your life you know you can improve upon and read our easy-to-follow guides to help you put this into practice. 

Why change matters

Our current lifestyles are unsustainable. We cannot keep going the way things are. Change needs to happen. Life is a series of choices, and the decisions we make affect our planet. Knowing and understanding the impact of our choices can help us to end the climate crisis together. 

The facts


80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from all the things we make, buy, use and ultimately throw away. 



32% of CO2 equivalent produced by Scotland’s Household waste comes from textile waste. 


Food Waste

50% of food we bin in our homes is wasted because we didn’t use it on time. 



Up to 60% of what households throw away can actually be recycled.  


What you can do

Here in Scotland, around four-fifths of our carbon footprint comes from the things we make, buy, use and bin. From the clothes we wear, to the food & drink we enjoy every day, it all adds up. 

As we go about our everyday lives, the choices and actions we take can have a hidden, yet profound, impact on the planet. Collectively, our consumption habits are contributing to the global climate crisis we now face. 

The small changes we make can have a huge impact - it's so easy to help make a difference to the planet, and it's not too late. 

For regular updates on how you can do your bit in halting the climate crisis, follow us on social media. 

Make small steps to big changes