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Community Fridges

02 Oct 23

The rise of community fridges - changing the way we think about food one fridge at a time.

What are community fridges?

Community fridges are often referred to as 'neighbourhood fridges' and are essentially fridges or freezers placed in public spaces where individuals and businesses can donate excess food, and people can take freely what they require. Community fridges operate on the principles of food sharing, mutual aid, and reducing food waste.

The growth of community fridges

The concept of community fridges has been gaining momentum worldwide. What began as a grassroots movement in a few cities has now spread far and wide. The idea behind these fridges is simple yet powerful: to bridge the gap between food surplus and food scarcity. 

A person putting well stored food into a fridge

The benefits of a community fridge

  1. Reducing food waste - the most significant advantage of a community fridge is to divert good food from landfills and into the mouths of people who need it, meaning that the fridges aren't just good for the community but the environment too.

  2. Addressing food insecurity - community fridges directly benefit people experiencing food insecurity. In a world where many go to bed hungry every night, these fridges provide immediate access to nutritious meals and ingredients. 

  3. Fostering community spirit - community fridges foster a sense of togetherness within local areas and create a space for people to connect, support one another, and work collectively to combat food insecurity. 

  4. Promoting sustainability - by rescuing and redistributing food that might otherwise be wasted, community fridges contribute to a more sustainable food system.

Looking to set up your own community fridge?

We've launched our Community Fridge Fund to support organisations and projects based in Scotland, with sustainable and innovative approaches in redistributing or repurposing surplus food, and preventing it from being wasted. If this sounds like you, find out more about the fund. 

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