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Food Waste Reduction Business Support

14 Mar 23

Save your organisation money with our free, tailored support.

It's never been more important for businesses to cut their costs and make savings where they can, Zero Waste Scotland's Food Waste Reduction Business Support helps your business cut costs by cutting food waste. For the planet, cutting food waste means cutting the speed of climate change.

Strathearn Cheese Co


Strathearn Cheese Co

Receiving support has been has helped us focus on profitability from reducing waste.  It was breaking our hearts to throw our cheese in the bin – and this is now a thing of the past as our quality is consistently excellent.  This is helping us to grow our business.

Get started

To support you we've created some resources to help you get a handle on food waste. Read on to discover more information about the one-month Food Waste Challenge, explainer videos on how to reduce food waste in your business, what happens to food waste, along with a fun quiz and curated infographics designed for you and your team.

Give them a go and you might be surprised by the results.

Who can benefit?

Zero Waste Scotland sector specific experts can offer guidance, tools and ongoing support as you embark on your food waste reduction journey.

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs and Scottish tourism
  • Food manufacturers
  • Breweries and distillers
  • Retail and convenience stores

Support is available to firms handling food and drink across Scotland. All areas of a business can be examined to cover everything from fryer oil and plate waste, to process efficiency and improved temperature-controlled storage.

The equivalent of 1.3 billion meals are discarded every year in Scotland - that's one in every six meals served. We'll help you reduce this waste and cut costs in your business, register for support today. 

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