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The Reuse sector in Scotland is growing and plays a key role in establishing a Circular Economy in Scotland. The Revolve Reuse Knowledge Hub provides training and ongoing support to both new start-ups and long-established reuse businesses and supports the reuse sector to offer the best possible experience to customers looking to access second hand goods. The aim of the Revolve process is to mainstream reuse and encourage more people to ‘choose reused’. 

What is Revolve?

Revolve is Zero Waste Scotland’s support programme for the reuse sector in Scotland. Revolve offers information and resources to support reuse businesses to meet legal obligations, follow best practice and to work more effectively and efficiently.  

The Revolve Reuse Knowledge Hub is a one-stop-shop offering best practice and up-to-date market insights. 

How can Revolve help you?

Revolve offers expert knowledge and training to the reuse sector to be able to work compliantly and to a high standard. By signing up to access the free Revolve Reuse Knowledge Hub, you can access a series of resources that will equip you with the tools you need to establish standards, continually improve your business and contribute to the growth of the reuse sector in Scotland. 

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