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Examples of a circular economy in Scotland

13 Apr 23 2 minute read

The circular economy makes good business sense. Here are some inspiring stories from Scottish businesses already making the change.

Argent Energy

Argent Energy uses waste fats and oils to convert into high grade biodiesel used by vehicles and in heating and/or power generation.

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Aurora Sustainability

Aurora Sustainability recovers coffee waste and heat from whisky distilleries to produce and supply dry fresh mushrooms. The end product, made entirely from waste, also improves Scottish biodiversity in terms of CO2 capturing, as mushrooms can increase tree growth threefold. 

CCL North

CCL North offers secure IT recycling and refurbishment as well as WEEE recycling. They are currently looking to set up a reuse facility for general WEEE.

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CelluComp is a company turning root vegetable nano fibres into an environmentally friendly paint thickener.

Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables commercialised the process for producing superior next-generation biofuel (and other high-value sustainable products) from the by-products of biological industries.

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Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

In an innovative trial taking place in Loch Fyne, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture takes the by-products of one aquatic species and provides food for another species.

Ogilvy Spirits

Ogilvy Spirits are Scotland’s first Potato Vodka producer, making vodka from potatoes not suitable for retail.

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OI currently produces around 2 million bottles per day and up to 800 million per annum. They do this using up to 20% recycled flint, 70% recycled green and 25% recycled amber glass.

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Peel Tech

Peel Tech is a Scottish invention that helps food processing businesses comply with waste regulations. As a result of the filtration system, waste from a typical potato peeler is separated and potato starch compacted, allowing drains to be free of waste and peelings to be used for animal feed.

Jaw Brew

Jaw Brew, in partnership with Aulds the Bakers, has created a zero-waste, low-alcohol beer from leftover bread rolls. The “Hard Tack” beer is now available to buy around Glasgow.

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Spruce Carpets

Spruce Carpets is a community enterprise that uplifts, refurbishes, supplies, delivers and fits used carpets and carpet tiles for residential, domestic and commercial customers.


Vegware is the only company in the UK to develop, manufacture and distribute a full range of completely compostable food packaging and catering disposables.

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