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We have the facts to help everyone end the climate crisis by wasting less and making things last instead.

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Roughly three planets would be required if everyone lived the way people live in Scotland. And we only have one.

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There's a whole host of knowledge, opinions and ideas out there - but what does it all really mean? 

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Our knowledge hub provides a wealth of information to help us all fight the climate crisis.

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With fast fashion often making headlines, many of us want to shop more sustainably when it comes to our wardrobes.

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How is Scotland’s carbon footprint changing?

How is Scotland’s carbon footprint changing?

In Scotland, four-fifths of our carbon footprint is directly related to the amount of “stuff” we produce, consume and throw away, often after just one use.

The facts

Everything we buy has a carbon cost

Only 1/5 of people in Scotland are fully aware of the negative environmental impacts of our consumption of new products.


Combatting food waste

The Scottish Government is aiming for a 33% reduction in food waste by 2025.


Our carbon footprint

82% of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from products, resources and waste materials.


The impacts of food waste

A massive 86% of Scots are unaware that food waste can be an even bigger contributor to climate change than plastic waste.


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Reducing Food Waste at Home

Take our online course and discover small changes you can make to the way you shop, plan, cook and eat.

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