A coffee machine with fresh coffee flowing out of it

Massive volumes of used coffee grounds are generated every day just so people can enjoy a latte or Americano.

ReviceEco - A Zero Waste Scotland circular story

But used coffee grounds have the potential to replace one of the world's most harmful natural oils - Palm Oil.

It's destroying our rainforests which play a vital role in fighting climate change.

Revive are on a mission to change the coffee industry... with coffee oil.

Coffee oil has many of the same properties, yet is produced sustainably from used coffee grounds. 100% natural. 100% sustainable.

Revive make it easy to close the circular loop:

  1. Collecting used coffee grounds from cafes. restaurants, offices and waste management partners;
  2. Processing at their recycling plant in Glasgow, Scotland;
  3. Extracting natural oils for further application.

Revive's circular solution reduces waste, cuts carbon emissions and delivers a sustainable, local alternative.