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Reducing single-use

26 Sep 23

From throwaway packaging to disposable everyday items, single-use plastic can be a big problem.

But, making small changes to your business or personal life can make a big impact. Together, we can change our environment with easy, reusable alternatives.

Read on to find out how. 

How to comply with the Single-Use Plastic Ban

Scotland has become the first UK nation to ban certain problematic single-use plastics, meaning it is an offence for businesses in Scotland to provide the items, which include plastic cutlery, plates and stirrers. Learn more about how to comply with the ban. 

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How can businesses move away from single use

Many businesses are already leading the way – moving from single-use items to reusable alternatives. Read more about some of the examples of projects Zero Waste Scotland has been involved in, along with examples of other projects around the world that have demonstrated different approaches.

How Ditching Disposables can have a big impact on reducing single-use waste

Our recent Ditching Disposables pilot has shown that small changes can have a huge impact on reducing single-use waste in the hospitality industry. Discover our resources to find out how hospitality businesses can reduce waste.  

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How citizens can move away from single use

Single-use items are damaging to the planet; they consume limited resources, contribute to Scotland's carbon emissions, and are still disposed of after just one use. Instead, the priority should be to reduce all single-use items, regardless of the material. Use our resources to find out how you can reduce single-use.

Ditching Disposables in Action

St Andrew’s Fish and Chips in Portobello is keen to operate as sustainably as possible and chose to get involved in the Zero Waste Scotland pilot project “Ditching Disposables” to see how single-use items such as takeaway containers and cups could be reduced and hopefully, one day, eliminated from its operations.

Resources and Downloads

Download our helpful resources to find out how you can reduce single-use and make the swap to reusable packaging to live more sustainably.