Reusable plastic containers on a purple background

Plastic: Remaking our World

27 Oct 22 1 minute

We’ve teamed up with V&A Dundee for an exciting new exhibition exploring our controversial relationship with plastic, past and present, its contribution to the climate crisis and what the future holds for plasti

Open to the public from 29 October 2022 to 5 February 2023, Plastic: Remaking our World features prototypes, new technologies and cutting-edge materials as well as looking back at the 150-year history of plastic.

Isn’t plastic damaging to the planet?

Plastics are damaging to the planet, so you might be wondering why we are supporting an exhibition about this long-lasting and highly contested material.

The word plastic made from plastic items on a wall

Put simply, the reason is that we need to rethink our relationship with plastic and this exhibition really brings this point into focus. Plastic has a time and a place, when used in the right way, it can help prevent waste.

Think about it, one reusable plastic coffee cup instead of thousands of single-use ones.

Plastic Lab

Aligning with European Week for Waste Reduction, Zero Waste Scotland in partnership with Transition Dundee will be on hand in the Plastic Lab to answer your questions about sustainability, plastic and how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

From myth busting on bins, to single-use plastic spotting, they’ll be hosting fun, informative, and interactive games for all and giving tips on how to live more ‘circular’ lifestyles which are better for the planet and your pocket.