Global emissions are destroying our country and planet.  If we carry on as we are, it’s set to get worse.

Yet, as we live and work in Scotland - the idea of global emissions directly impacting us doesn’t always spring to mind.  The truth is though, climate change doesn’t respect borders - it affects everyone.  

Here in Scotland, around four-fifths of our carbon footprint comes from products and materials.  This includes things like the clothes we wear, our furniture, phones, cars and even the food & drink we enjoy every day.  

Everything we consume requires energy to grow, make, process and transport them, whether they are made here in Scotland or elsewhere.  The production, consumption and waste of these products and materials are heating the earth at an alarming rate.

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We work to inspire change.

To achieve this, we are leading everyone in Scotland to better understand how our lifestyles can impact the country and wider world we all live in.

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As a person living in Scotland you currently consume around 3 planets worth of resources. 

Yet we only have one.

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