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Complaints Policy

Zero Waste Scotland aims to provide a high quality service which meets the highest expectations of the public, customers and partners.

It welcomes all constructive feedback on experiences of its activities, whether positive or negative, and understands that, from time to time, external people or organisations may be dissatisfied or concerned with the way the Zero Waste Scotland or its staff have acted.

Zero Waste Scotland will respond, where necessary, by improving procedures, correcting mistakes and learning from experience.

Making a complaint will not exclude nor prejudice the outcome for the complainer of any Zero Waste Scotland activity that they may be engaged in now or in the future. There will be no reduction in the quality of service experienced by any complainer.


Zero Waste Scotland has developed a procedure to deal with genuine concerns or complaints of impropriety, irregularity, misconduct, poor performance or ineffectiveness against Zero Waste Scotland in a timely and open way.  

You can read our full complaints policy and procedures by downloading the related document here: