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Procuring resource efficient construction projects

03 Apr 23

To maximise waste reduction and recovery, good practice must be adopted as early as possible, ideally through procurement.

As an enabler of change, Zero Waste Scotland has developed an online interactive guide to reduce waste, and enhance reuse and recycling, through design and resource efficiency for construction, renovation and demolition.

This online interactive guide aims to support clients (public and private) and contractors to enhance waste reduction, reuse, and recycling through design and resource efficiency.  It also encourages whole-life costing and circular economy approaches and outcomes. It does this through clearly defining procurement requirements for the client and examples for the contractor on how to respond.

The model clauses and evaluation supporting guidance focus on construction, renovation and demolition.

The guide supports clients through advice on how to write procurement requirements and evaluate bids from design teams and contractors for the construction and maintenance of their building and civil engineering/infrastructure projects. It is suitable for public and private sector clients and stakeholders, including budget holders, commissioners, end-users, construction teams, finance, procurement, facilities and waste managers, sustainability leads, contracts managers and others.

The guide supports contractors by setting out how to apply requirements and evaluate bids when appointing your supply chain and is suitable for tender managers, supply chain managers, sustainability managers, project managers, design teams, contracts managers and others.

It reflects relevant Scottish construction policy and legislation, including Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan, “Making Things Last” Scotland’s Circular Economy Strategy, Scottish Building Standards, Public Procurement Regulations and the Scottish Government’s Construction Procurement Manual.

Intended outcomes that focus on resource efficient construction include improving waste forecasting and reporting, use of materials with higher recycled content, re-use of materials, and user and design-led projects with consistent monitoring, evaluation and reporting of project outcomes. 

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