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Construction support material management and building material reuse

The true cost of waste in a construction project is often underestimated. When material and labour costs are factored in, costs can exceed £1,300 per tonne.

It is also estimated that 13% of raw materials ordered are discarded unused. Imagine how that saving could benefit your business. With the growing need for businesses to be future proof and resilient, combined with ever decreasing margins, there has never been a better time to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and help build internal capacity to assist with winning more work.

Taking action on-site can help identify where opportunities lie to improve general working practices, procurement decisions, material choices and material handling.

Implementing best practice throughout the supply chain provides benefits beyond money saving including:

  • Increasing profit margins by reducing material and waste costs;
  • Minimizing site compliance risk from better waste management;
  • Strengthening reputation to win work by cutting carbon and resource use; and
  • Maximising the market value of surplus building materials.

Create a site waste management plan with our help

Manage waste on construction sites with our free site waste management planning  tool to help you track materials and waste. It’s ideal for saving you money and helping you meet your legal obligations.

Improve waste management on your construction site with our guide

Our best practice guide for construction waste management  provides advice to help you reduce, re-use and recycle your construction waste.-

Maximising re-use in construction

Re-using materials on construction sites can save project costs by reducing the demand on new building materials and reducing waste disposal costs. Our ‘Maximising re-use of materials on-site’ guide will help you identify the materials that are commonly wasted on construction and demolition sites and describes how these may be recovered and re-used.

Measure and monitor your business waste

In order to reduce your waste, you need to measure it first. Our free guide and waste-tracking spreadsheets will show you how.

Construction Material Exchange tool

The tool aims to help tackle the 7.4 million tonnes of waste which is currently produced by the Scottish construction industry each year – the largest source of waste in Scotland. Building on the original tool which was launched in November 2012, materials can be posted online and exchanged with another party for re-use, diverting the material from landfill, reducing costs of disposal and material purchasing and extending the life of the material.

Access the Construction Material Exchange tool online.

Support for your business or project

Zero Waste Scotland can work with site managers and environmental managers to quantify opportunities for better resource efficiency that saves money, carbon and material use. We have engaged a team of specialists to help deliver support and can help your business or project by;

  • Identifying cost savings from different ways to manage materials and waste (especially troublesome waste streams);
  • Sharing Best Practice and tools for site management; and
  • Supporting sub-contractors to reduce your waste costs.

If you would like to discuss how your business or project could work with us to receive specialist support and advice, please complete the form below.

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