A local authority communications poster

Communications support for local authorities

07 Mar 23

We support local authorities with communications strategies and resources. 

We can provide communications support for projects that are looking to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased recycling and participation
  • Waste diverted from landfill
  • Waste prevented
  • Increased capture of key materials (paper, glass, metals, textiles, cardboard, plastics, food)
  • Costs are avoided or minimised
  • Increase quality of recycling collection and contamination minimised

What support can Zero Waste Scotland offer?

We support Local Authorities through the development of an overarching consistent recycling brand – Recycle for Scotland – which aims to make it easier for householders to understand and participate fully in their recycling services whether at home or on the go. This brand and its associated messages are fully tested with consumers so that it achieves clarity and motivates recycling behaviour.

Template materials, best practice, images and case studies are available on our Zero Waste Scotland Partners website.

We can work with local authorities to ensure their projects are evaluated and monitored to show their impact. The type of support will vary depending on the nature of the project but will include brand and best practice guidance.

Local Authority Communications Guidance

We have produced a wealth of resources to help local authorities implement high quality, effective and cost efficient communications.

Resources range from tools and guidance to help planning and evaluating local behaviour change programmes, to advice on producing promotional literature such as collection calendars, leaflets and adverts to provide essential information to householders about their waste and recycling services.

Information on basic design principles and indicative costs is available as well as documents and tools to help plan, run and evaluate communication programmes.