Photo of person purchasing a second-hand book inside Hazlehead Reuse Shop in Aberdeen

Aberdeen City - Recycling Improvement Fund

01 Dec 23 1 minute read

Aberdeen City Council’s updated reuse service has been given the thumbs-up by visitors as over 16,000 reuse items have been sold since its launch, the council reports. 

A funding award of £36,450 was granted for the expansion of the reuse service at Hazlehead Recycling Centre. It was used to buy and install three additional reuse containers which were modified to act as weatherproof storage and a mini shop with signage was bought for the reuse facility.  

Photo of the resuse service at Aberdeen City Council funded by the Recycling Improvement Fund

Launching the reuse service in Aberdeen

A communications campaign was also delivered to promote the service to local residents via social media, radio advertising and an official opening took place to launch the new service in July 2022. 


Photo of a television interview at Hazlehead Reuse Shop in Aberdeen funded by the Recycling Improvement Fund