A construction worked adding waste to a skip

Improving waste management on construction sites

27 Feb 23

Our best practice guide provides advice to help you reduce, reuse and recycle your construction waste.

The guide is written for the construction sector and is for use on-site by staff and supervisors, who can influence effective waste management by following best practice.

The guide covers:

  • The value of best practice;
  • Actions to take pre-construction;
  • Waste minimisation through procurement;
  • Site Waste Management Plans;
  • Waste management and disposal best practice.

Implementing best practice on-site has many benefits including:

  • Income generation through collection of materials for re-use;
  • Reducing costs through purchasing less material and maximising skip space;
  • Less accidents on-site through correct materials storage;
  • Regulatory compliance with Duty of Care requirements.

Free, expert support for your business

Zero Waste Scotland’s circular construction team can offer support to help companies move towards more circular business models. Email us today.

Net Waste Tool

We encourage you to make use of WRAP’s Net Waste Tool. It’s yours to use for free to help generate waste forecasts and prioritise waste reduction and recovery actions for your Site Waste Management Plan.

The tool enables you to apply value engineering at the design stage to;

  • reduce the costs of wastage
  • optimise your strategy for on-site segregation of wastes for minimum cost within a known space constraint;
  • target the top cost-competitive opportunities to adopt more reused materials and higher recycled content in building products
  • evaluate performance against corporate targets, such as a reduction in construction waste to landfill and progress towards waste neutrality or zero Net Waste.