An overhead image of a construction site with different waste materials in organised piles

Maximising re-use in construction

27 Feb 23

Re-using materials on construction sites can save project costs by reducing the demand on new building materials and reducing waste disposal costs.

Our ‘Maximising re-use of materials on-site’ guide is will help you identify the materials that are commonly wasted on construction and demolition sites and describes how these may be recovered and re-used.

The guide is for everyone involved in construction projects including design teams, principal contractors, sub-contractors and clients. It covers:

  • Demolition and excavation
  • Refurbishment
  • New build

Implementing re-use activities on-site can help you:

  • Save costs through a reduced need to purchase primary materials and reduced disposal and transportation costs
  • Identify re-use opportunities and the available services required to implement them
  • Gain evidence to support environmental management systems such as BREEAM or ISO14001

We offer free, specialist support for building material reuse and best practice site waste management. Please email the team to discuss how you can work with or be supported by Zero Waste Scotland.