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Anti-flytipping campaign toolkit

Effective and accessible messaging plays a key role in engaging and motivating people to change their behaviour.

Flytipping is a serious problem for Scotland, a country that depends on tourism for much of its income and prides itself on the beauty of its natural landscape.

There are an estimated 60,000 flytipping incidents every year amounting to around 26,000 tonnes of dumped items. It costs over £8.9 million to clean this mess up. It would be much better if we could help to prevent it happening in the first place.

While most flytipping is deliberate, many incidents may be caused by a lack of awareness and communication materials are therefore required that leave no room for doubt.

Householders need to know their responsibilities, as do tradesmen.

Both groups also need to know what options are available to them for getting rid of excess household waste and bulky items, for example by arranging for them to be uplifted by the council or picked up free of charge through the Re-Use Line.

They also need to know exactly what flytipping is and the penalties that can be imposed for offences, from a £200 fixed penalty notice to a five-year prison sentence.

For all these reasons, we’ve developed a Flytipping Communications Toolkit for any community organisation, landowner, land manager or local authority to download and use.

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