Litter and Flytipping

We can all play a part in keeping Scotland’s towns, beaches and beauty spots free of litter and flytipping by making sure that rubbish, cigarette butts and food doesn’t end up in the environment. Reducing and recycling is the first option, then using bins destined for landfill as a last resort.

litter and flytipping - bin in a park (1).jpg

What can you do?

  1. Use reusables – like straws, coffee ups, water bottles and cutlery - when out and about.

  2. Secure wheelie bins to stop rubbish from making a break for it during bad weather and only present your bin for collection if it can be sheltered and secured.

  3. Join in with a community litter pick or beach clean.

  4. Donate unwanted large items in good condition to charity or pass them on to friends and family.