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Revolve Slogan - First Choise of Secomd Hand

Why shop in a Revolve certified store?

Revolve makes it easier to shop second hand by giving you confidence in the quality of items, and a great shopping experience – saving pocket and planet.

Marianne from Baby Steps 20+ checking over a pram for reuse
revolve logo

Baby Steps 20+

Baby Steps 20+ in Falkirk is a social enterprise providing reused and upcycled baby and children's equipment at affordable prices and reducing our carbon footprint.

They also pride themselves on providing employment opportunities for six adults with learning support needs working for them – gaining valuable skills and experience while earning a living wage.

Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their news.

Pre-owned, pre-loved and perfect for you

How we shop is changing. Getting brand new isn’t as important as finding quality at great prices.

When you see the Revolve logo in a second-hand store, it means you can be confident that anything you buy, from clothes and household goods, to bikes and books has been checked to meet our high standards in quality and safety.

Look for the Revolve stamp of approval next time you’re out shopping.

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