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Revolve Slogan - First Choise of Secomd Hand

Why shop in a Revolve certified store?

Revolve makes it easier to shop second hand by giving you confidence in the quality of items, and a great shopping experience – saving pocket and planet.

Photo of seamster logo on wooden table with sewing implements
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Seamster Vintage

Seamster Vintage is a quality retro clothing store based in Glasgow's Southside that specialises in everyday vintage wear as well as their own line of handmade zero waste accessories.

Estabilished in 2014 and Revolve certified since 2019, they have an ethos that fashion should be sustainable, affordable and fun, all stock is carefully washed and repaired to bring it back to its best.

Visit their website.

Pre-owned, pre-loved and perfect for you

How we shop is changing. Getting brand new isn’t as important as finding quality at great prices.

When you see the Revolve logo in a second-hand store, it means you can be confident that anything you buy, from clothes and household goods, to bikes and books has been checked to meet our high standards in quality and safety.

Look for the Revolve stamp of approval next time you’re out shopping.


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