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Our Staff and Teams


Adrian Bond

Programme Manager: Recycling

Stephen Boyle

Strategic Programme Manager

Andrew Dickson

Programme Manager - CE Investment Fund

Andy Dick

Policy Manager

Val Hendry

Procurement Manager

Callum Blackburn

Head of Policy & Research

Marissa Lippiatt

Head of Resource Efficiency

Allan Crooks

Programme Manager - Energy & Low Carbon Heat

Louise McGregor

Head of Circular Economy & ERDF Operations

Iain Clunie

Programme Area Manager – Food and Drink

Izzie Johnston

Strategic Programme Manager

Jill Farrell

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Stunell

Programme Manager – Research & Evaluation

Nicola McGovern

Programme Area Manager - Communications

Warren McIntyre

Programme Manager - Business Support

Vic Emery


Frazer Scott

Head of Organisational Development

Iain Gulland

Chief Executive

Pam Moran

HR Manager

Gerard O Sullivan

Non Executive Board Member

Ian Bryce

Finance Manager

Robert Baird

ICT Manager

Helen Wollaston

Non Executive Board Member

Janet Swadling

Non Executive Board Member

John Watt

Non Executive Board Member

Morag MacDonald

Non Executive Board Member

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