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Our message to Scotland... and the world

As we look to tackle the biggest challenge of our generation, there is a vital part of the conversation missing.

To truly end our contribution to the climate crisis, we need to rethink how we consume in Scotland and around the world. 

The challenge

Around four-fifths of Scotland’s footprint comes from the products and materials we manufacture, use and throw away.  The average Scot consumes 18.4 tonnes of materials every year – that’s the equivalent of 50kg per week on average. 

Academics agree that a sustainable level of material use is about eight tonnes per person per year.   

The evidence is clear. Consumption in Scotland is unsustainably high.  This is, in part, is due to the quantity of things we buy, as well as the way we operate as a society

From individuals to designers, industry, and governments - we all have a critical role to play.  

The solution - a circular Scotland

To make a difference, we need a system-wide change that enables us all to choose more sustainable ways to live, use the things we need, and share resources. 

We know that adapting to a circular economy can - and does – work for everyone, delivering an improved bottom line for business and offering a more sustainable way of life for citizens. 

Whenever we produce or buy something new, we use up more of our limited virgin materials to produce and deliver it.  

Moving from a linear to a circular economy will ensure products, services and systems are designed to maximise their value and minimise waste - while relieving pressure on finite natural materials like oil and precious metals. 

Zero Waste Scotland is working with our unique cities and regions across Scotland - helping businesses and communities to work together to reimagine the way we live, work and travel.  

By working together, we have a huge opportunity to accelerate our circularity, and to change Scotland – and the world - for the better. 

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