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What is Revolve?

Revolve is a quality standard for second-hand stores in Scotland and is awarded to stores that meet high standards in safety, cleanliness and service, giving shoppers that extra reassurance to shop second-hand first.

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The first choice for second-hand shopping

  • Buy with confidence as all items on sale have been checked for quality and safety 
  • Find unique or one-off items and buy top brands for less
  • Support local businesses and do your bit for the environment too

Find your local Revolve certified store from over 120 stores across Scotland.


Latest news

Becoming Revolve Certified

45% of Scots say that if they can be assured of the quality, safety and cleanliness of products then they would be more likely to shop second-hand. That’s where Revolve certification comes in.

Show your customers and partners that you are committed to quality. Join the Revolve certification programme and gain access to a bagful of advice and support that can transform your reuse business and increase sales.

Contact us to register your interest in becoming our newest Revolve certified store.