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Resources for Retailers - Carrier Bag Charge

You can download the full guidance document below. The information video provides an overview of the regulations and explains the exemptions clearly to you and your staff.

Please make use of the free posters, cue cards and other marketing materials to help keep your staff and customers informed about the charge. 

How to download resources

To download the resources, click and open or save the .Zip folder(s).

Generic Collateral for ALL Retailers

Poster A1 Poster A2 Poster A3
Poster A4 Posters A5 Posters A6
Staff cue cards Headline font Good causes letter template
Ernie elephant cutout Poster Drive Thru Lamp post signage
Grocery Divider 2015 Poster A4 Generic Sticker 65mm
Sticker 80x480 Till Slip Till Slip Mono
Poster Poster Poster

Posters for exemptions

Fast food outlets/quick service restaurants Knives, blades, axes DIY stores/builders merchants small bag
Fish counter Unpackaged food (baked goods, sweets, fruit & veg, sandwiches) Packaged uncooked meat, poultry and fish
Pet shops Pharmacies Unpackaged, uncooked meat, poultry and fish
Small bags Soil - Garden Centre Services (shoe repair)
Travel (airport, ferry, coach)    

Staff training

Staff Cue Cards    


Having problems? Copy to your desktop and try to open from there.

How to use the resources

All of the communication materials can be used in their current form, but please feel free to edit to suit your requirements.


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