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Good practice guidance for farmers, growers and advisers

Information on digestate and compost use in agriculture for farmers, growers and advisers.

The guide provides an introduction to compost and anaerobic digestate, how they should be integrated into farm nutrient planning, and how they should be applied to the field.

The guide covers:

  • What are digestate and compost?
  • Are all digestates and composts of the same quality?
  • Do I need any kind of permit or licence to use renewable fertilisers?
  • How should I plan applications?
  • Can digestate and compost be used for all crops?
  • How should digestate and compost be applied to the field?
  • The Renewable Fertiliser Matrix
  • Checklist for sourcing and using digestate and compost

The project was funded jointly by Defra, WRAP, WRAP Cymru and Zero Waste Scotland.

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