A selection of CDs, DVDs and tapes

What to do with CDs, DVDs, Tapes and Records?

06 Apr 21

With the rise of streaming services, CDs, DVDs, tapes and records have dropped in popularity in recent years. Although records do seem to be making a bit of a comeback - there’s hope for you yet cassette tapes!

As they become less common, so do the methods of recycling them. It might be time to get creative and think about how you could reuse your old music collection. CDs make great drinks coasters or hang them up in the garden for decoration.

Household recycling collection

CDs, DVDs, tapes and records aren’t accepted in household recycling collections.

not currently recycled.png

Household waste recycling centre (HWRC)

Disc, VHS tapes and cassettes are now rarely accepted at recycling centres and are generally sent to landfill.

Vinyl records are not accepted at your local recycling centre. If they’re still in good condition, a charity shop might take them or you might be able to sell them.

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Other collections

Terracycle Zero Waste Bags are available to purchase and accept:

  • 8-track tapes
  • Cassette tapes, VHS tapes
  • CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs
  • Floppy disks
Currently recycled

What can you do?

  1. Cut your CDs and DVDs into small pieces and use them to create a mosaic pattern on picture frames, flower pots or mirrors.

  2. Made from PVC, vinyl records are often ‘re-purposed’ into new stylish ornaments, wall art or tableware.

  3. Before you get rid of your records, do some research to see any of them are rare or collector items.

  4. Ask friends and family if they would like your unwanted CDs, DVDs, tapes and records or check whether your local second hand store would take them.

Recycling is constantly evolving and changing so check back for updates or try our recycling locator to find out what you can recycle at home and where you can recycle or pass on unwanted items in your local area.