A selection of waste materials going to landfill

Charter for Household Recycling

07 Mar 23

The Scottish Government and CoSLA have agreed a Household Recycling Charter that aims to bring more consistency to recycling services.

Zero Waste Scotland acknowledges the significant progress we've made in recycling and reusing household waste over the past decade. Still, we also recognise the need for continued improvement to achieve better outcomes for our communities.

We're thrilled to agree that the commitment will build on progress and support sustainable employment and investment in the Scottish economy. We acknowledge the potential of a more circular economy and better resource management to promote sustainable employment and investment for the good of Scotland and its local communities.

The pledge outlines...

  • a promise to enhance household waste and recycling services to increase resource recovery and improve their quality;
  • the ability to customise services to meet the unique needs of all citizens, regardless of their household type or location;
  • an opportunity to encourage citizens to participate in recycling and reuse services, ensuring that resources are fully utilised;
  • commitment to operating services in a way that guarantees staff safety, competence, and fair treatment, with the necessary skills to deliver effective and efficient resource management on behalf of communities.

To accomplish this, the Code of Practice encapsulates best practices to deliver cost-effective and high-performing recycling services. 

The Charter and associated Code of Practice were agreed by COSLA Leaders on 28th November 2015.