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Route Map consultation

The Route Map sets out how the Scottish Government intends to deliver our system-wide, comprehensive vision for Scotland’s Circular Economy.

It contains non-legislative proposals on how we produce, consume, and manage Scotland’s resources.

Outlining the tangible actions the Scottish Government and others must take to accelerate progress, the Route Map details the tools that will be put in place to enable everyone to play their part.

The measures set out in this consultation primarily focus on the action we can take now in order to accelerate progress towards our existing 2025 targets. However, they also lay the foundations for the transformational change we will need to see across our whole economy and society in the years ahead.

Packages outlined in the ‘Delivering Scotland’s Circular Economy: A Route Map to 2025 and Beyond’ consultation include:

  • Promote responsible production, consumption and re-use
  • Reduce food waste
  • Improve recycling from households
  • Improve recycling from commercial businesses
  • Embed circular construction practices
  • Minimising the impact of disposal
  • Cross-cutting measures

Help shape Scotland’s circular future

These consultations are a chance to have your say on how the Circular Economy Bill is shaped. Covering everything from general consumption to construction; recycling, to food waste, and beyond, it takes into consideration the everyday opportunities to make more sustainable choices and decisions.

You can play your part in Scotland's circular future by taking part in the consultation before it closes on 22nd August 2022.

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