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Consultations are a key part of the Scottish Government’s approach to policymaking. The process of engaging with the public and stakeholders is vital in informing a particular policy.

Scotland’s effort in tackling the climate crisis is becoming increasingly known across the globe – even more so after hosting the world’s most important climate conference, COP26, in 2021.

Not only do we have many targets and commitments already in place but determined plans to take our circular ambitions even further. This is where the Circular Economy (CE) Bill and Route Map consultations are vital.

What is the difference between the two consultations?

The focus of the CE Bill consultation is to gather views on the Scottish Government’s planned approach to developing a circular economy in Scotland. Consultation responses will be analysed and will inform the circular economy bill, which will be laid in Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Route Map to 2025 and Beyond consultation invites views specifically on the proposed priorities and actions that will help usher in Scotland’s circular economy. It’s the start of a wider conversation on how, exactly, we deliver our vision for the circular economy – and, in doing so, meet our Climate Change Plan commitments, and secure the opportunities for investment and job creation.

So, in summary, while The Bill will increase the levers we have available to us, the Route Map sets out specific actions the Scottish Government, and others, must take to accelerate progress towards a fully circular economy.

Do I have to take part in both consultations?

Ideally, we want to encourage as much input to these consultations as possible, but appreciate it can be time-consuming.

We would ask that you click the link through to both consultations and prioritise the areas you feel most passionate about to submit your thoughts before 22 August 2022.

Circular Economy Bill Consultation

The Circular Economy Bill establishes the powers and legislative framework we need to support Scotland’s transition to a zero waste and circular economy, significantly increase reuse and recycling rates, and to modernise and improve waste and recycling services.

Help shape Scotland's circular future. Have your say today.

Route Map Consultation

The Scottish Government is seeking your views on proposals for actions to reach 2025 waste and recycling targets, and to achieve long terms goal of net zero by 2045.

Submit your views on how a circular economy should be delivered.

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