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The fight against fly-tipping

There are over 60,000 incidents of fly-tipping reported each year in Scotland, costing over £8.9 million of public money to clear up. 

Fly-tipping represents waste that is disposed of illegally and irresponsibly and can include anything from a single black bag of household or garden waste to large volumes of tyres and construction waste.

Tackling the problem is central to the ethos of a zero waste society as there is significant potential to reuse or recycle these materials before they become waste.

Land Managers 

The Litter Monitoring System is the national reporting tool in Scotland; for private land managers and public bodies such as Local Authorities; to record and map fly-tipping incidents in their area.  This is helping to establish a baseline for fly-tipping in Scotland and develop effective prevention and enforcement interventions at local and national levels.

By developing a strong evidence base, we will be able to develop solutions that will help to influence the culture and behaviour of those engaged in fly-tipping.

Members of the Public

Zero Waste Scotland funds and promotes Dumb Dumpers – the national public reporting tool for fly-tipping in Scotland. Fly-tipping can also be reported by calling 0300 777 2292. Dumb Dumpers also provides information and advice for the general public, land owners and businesses, about how to prevent fly-tipping and what to do if fly-tipping is witnessed.


Zero Waste Scotland has conducted research into flytipping behaviours and attitudes towards flytipping in Scotland and has provided funding to test and evaluate a range of prevention measures.

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