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We need to talk about consumption

To truly end our contribution to the climate crisis, we need to rethink how we consume in Scotland and around the world.

Around four-fifths of Scotland’s footprint comes from the products and materials we manufacture, use and throw away. 

The evidence is clear. Consumption in Scotland is unsustainably high.


Understanding our raw material footprint

There is a relationship between what Scotland consumes and the global climate crisis. The Material Flow Accounts helps us understand the flows & levels of the resources we use.

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Everything we buy has a carbon cost

Only one-fifth of Scots fully aware of the negative environmental impacts of buying new products, yet around 80% of our carbon footprint in Scotland can be directly attributed to the products, services & materials we consume.

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Our evidence

The climate challenges we face are significant. Zero Waste Scotland has ground-breaking research and case studies showing the issues of consumption, carbon emissions and its priority in the climate crisis response.

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The latest

COP26 is enabling Zero Waste Scotland to share our wealth of knowledge, establish new partnerships and demonstrate tangible opportunities to implement solutions. Here’s what we’re currently up to.

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The time to act is now

We can do so by reimagining the way we live, work and travel. Find out more about what you can do to help tackle the climate crisis.

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