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Skip the Trip to the Tip – Join Online Movement Supporting the Re-Use Line

Scots are being urged to join an online movement skipping the trip to the tip, supporting Scotland’s free Re-use Line, by signing up to share a brand new video about the service via a social media Thunderclap.

12 Jul 17

If you have large items at home that you no longer need and are still in good condition, you can have them collected by calling the Re-use Line, absolutely free, wherever you live in Scotland.

Calling the Re-Use Line helps reduce the amount of large, bulky items being dumped needlessly in landfill – things like washing machines and sofas that could go to a good home elsewhere.

To promote the service and how to skip the tip, Zero Waste Scotland is launching a brand new video on Monday 17th July, with an online ‘thunderclap’ – where huge numbers of people all post the same message on their social media profiles at the same time. So far, an amazing 800,000 people have signed up and Zero Waste Scotland is hoping to reach over 1 million.

Supporters so far include a third of Scotland’s local authorities, (including Glasgow and Edinburgh City Councils) and model and climate change campaigner Eunice Olumide, recently made an MBE.

The new tongue-in-cheek video, launched this coming Monday, features a couple arguing over how to get an old sofa into a van, while their neighbours get theirs picked up for free courtesy of the Re-Use Line.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“The Re-use Line is a fantastic, free, service, which can have a big environmental impact. If you want to help us make an even bigger impact, help keep goods in use for longer, keep them out of landfill, and spread the word, then join our Thunderclap! We need your help to get us over the 1 million mark. If you use Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, sign up now and share our brand new video – be part of the movement to skip the trip to the tip – it only takes a second!”

To take part in the thunderclap and share the message “We’re supporting the #ReuseLine. Skip the trip to the tip – donate your re-usable items at www.reuseline.com” sign up before 10.30am on Monday 17th July, here

To get in touch with the Re-use Line, simply call 0800 0665 820 from anywhere in Scotland or fill in our online form, and we will arrange for a local re-use organisation to collect your item and pass it on to be used by someone else.



Notes For Editors

Editor’s Notes

  • You can view the Re-use Line video on Zero Waste Scotland’s YouTube channel here
  • The Re-use Line connects householders with re-use organisations that can collect items suitable for re-use. In August 2019 the phone and online order form were replaced with an online directory that list the re-use organisations that collect within the post code area searched for. More information on the Re-use Line can be found at www.reuseline.com.
  • Zero Waste Scotland exists to create a society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted. Our goal is to help Scotland realise the economic, environmental and social benefits of making best use of the world’s limited natural resources. We are funded to support delivery of the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy and the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy.
  • Zero Waste Scotland launched the Resource Efficient Scotland programme in 2013 to help small to medium sized businesses and organisations save money and energy by using resources more efficiently. It is funded by the European Structural Funds Programme and the Scottish Government. Find out more at www.resourceefficientscotland.org.uk
  • More information on all Zero Waste Scotland’s programmes can be found at www.zerowastescotland.org.uk . You can also keep up to date with the latest from Zero Waste Scotland though via our social media channels - Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus | LinkedIn

For media enquiries contact:Claire Munro, PR Manager

t: 01786 239791
m: 07702976594
e: claire.munro@zerowastescotland.org.uk

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