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Reducing Food Waste in your Organisation

Is your organisation ready to take on food waste? There are lots of steps businesses can make to reduce waste, cut costs, and fight climate change.

Reducing food waste is something all organisations can do to help fight climate change and cut their costs. It doesn't need to be complicated, it just needs a well designed plan, and we can help you along the way. 

Each business has different needs, but the goal is the same - to reduce unecessary food waste and prevent further damage to our environment. We all hate seeing food go to waste at home and it shouldn't be any different at work. 

To support you we've created some resources to help you get a handle on food waste. Read on to discover more information about the one-month Food Waste Challenge, explainer videos on how to reduce food waste in your business, what happens to food waste, along with a fun quiz and curated infographics designed for you and your team.

Give them a go and you might be surprised by the results.

Food Waste Quiz

Test your knowledge to find out how much you know about the costs involved with food waste and your company's own approach. Learn about the next steps you and your orgnisation can take on your food waste reduction journey. 

Take the quiz now.

Food Waste Challenge

Our one-month Food Waste Challenge is designed especially for organisations across Scotland's food and drink sector who are keen to make a difference to the planet. The Food Waste Challenge provides you with a simple 4-step environmental guide:

  • Assess your current food waste data
  • Measure your food waste
  • Analyse and share findings
  • Develop an action plan

Download our one-month Food Waste Challenge here.

Explainer Videos

We have explainer videos to help get you up to speed and give you a little context on why reducing food waste matters for your business. Share our videos with your team to provide an overview of food waste reduction and the impact that food waste has on our environment.  


Don't worry if the intricacies of food waste reduction are going over your head. We've distilled the information you need into handy visual guides. Share our food waste infographics and help your organisation get up to speed. Once you're done, check out the full Ultimate Guide documents.

Download our infographics below: 

Share your achievement

We'd love to hear your story and learn about your journey. 

Let us know how you got on, and share your progress with us at food.drink@zerowastescotland.com

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