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Find out more about Juice’s performance/service system business model.

What is a performance/service system business model?

A performance or service business model involves providing a service based on delivering the performance of a product, contributing to a move from ownership to access to products.

About Juice

Juice was established in 2009 and is based in Falkirk, operating across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Their core business function is to upgrade customer lighting to LED, reducing energy costs and environmental impacts.

They’ve worked with us to develop a leasing model for lighting.

The company's name was changed from Market LED to Juice in May 2015. 

Performance/service system business model at Juice

Juice offers a performance/service business model, which has been developed in partnership with us.

In this model, often referred to as ‘pay per lux’ customers do not purchase or own the light fixtures and fittings outright; instead Juice supply, install and maintain the lights, and retain ownership. In effect, the customer is renting or leasing lighting from Juice.

This works on the theory that while a customer requires light, they do not necessarily have to own the light fixtures and fittings – they just need the performance or output from the product.

The business model means Juice can repair and maintain fittings and recover parts and components for re-use and recycling, supporting a circular economy.

Closely linked to this is the addition of sensors and controllers which make the lighting system ‘intelligent’, making as much use of natural daylight as possible, further reducing energy demand and burning hours of the lighting – meaning the product lasts even longer.

The benefits of a performance/service business model

The benefits of a performance/service business model include:

  • Manufacturers retain greater control over the items they produce and the embodied energy and materials, enabling better maintenance, reconditioning and recovery
  • Maintenance issues are eliminated for the customer as this becomes the responsibility of Juice
  • For Juice, the new model offers a different income stream and a new service for new and existing customers

Want to know more?

You can download and read the full Juice case study.

If you are interested in developing a performance/service business model you should contact Cheryl Robb Cheryl.robb@zerowastescotland.org.uk

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