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Your ‘Sustainable Christmas Guide’ – a go-to guide for less-waste festivities

We've created a dedicated guide to help everyone in Scotland curb their contribution to climate change this Christmas.

With continuing news headlines bringing home the need to consume less and use better, this Christmas is the ideal time to do things differently.

The Sustainable Christmas Guide collates a series of tips around reuse, reducing food waste, and recycling effectively that will help Scots across the country have a merry Christmas without supersizing their carbon footprint.

The guide brings together useful information to inform decisions from buying a Christmas tree to organising Secret Santa. It’s focus is on reducing consumption, instead looking to alternatives such as shopping second hand and changing how we serve Christmas dinner.

Small changes can have a big impact, and armed with the guide’s hints and tips householders across the country can enjoy their Christmas celebrations without the waste.

Read the Sustainable Christmas Guide here.

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