Let’s do Christmas

This year let's do Christmas sustainably by making sure our festivities don't cost the earth. 

From giving that dress a new lease of life to getting creative with leftovers, the best part of Christmas is being together. 

Simple swaps can help save money and the planet. Keep scrolling for ideas on how you can have a more sustainable Christmas...

Christmas doesn't need to cost the earth, the best bit is being together. #LetsDoChristmas

What can you do?

  1. Buying smarter, wasting less, will save you money and reduce excess. 

  2. Making your own gifts gives them a thrill and doesn’t add to landfill.

  3. You can have a first-class Christmas with second-hand gifts.

  4. Wrap it and rewrap it. Choose reusable wrapping and gift the planet less waste this year.  

  5. Festive food shopping starts with a plan and a list, so you don’t waste food this Christmas.