A chalkboard with a green swoosh logo representing Recycle for Scotland

What is Recycle Week?

17 Apr 21

Recycle Week is Zero Waste Scotland’s annual event which celebrates recycling across Scotland.

Running from the 16 - 22 October 2023, it’s the one week of the year where businesses, schools, local authorities, public sector, waste management companies and many more to come together acknowledging the important role of recycling.

Previous Recycle Week campaigns...

Recycling Sorter: In 2021, Zero Waste Scotland launched the new Recycling Sorter! A digital recycling tool that allows you to search any Scottish local authority and find out what items can be recycled, and in which colour of bin – a one stop shop for recycling information.

Thank you for recycling: in 2020 we showed our appreciation to all the keyworkers who worked throughout the pandemic as well as  all those who continue to recycle and encouraging a week of positive action within our communities.

Photos of wheelie bins painted with thank you messages and rainbows

Waste Warriors: reinforcing the important role that everyone has in fighting the on-going waste battle by motivating action.

Take action on plastics: encouraging people to recycle more plastic bottles and food packaging to help keep this waste stream out of the sea and ground.

Recycle week previous campaigns

Food waste recycling: raising awareness of the importance of food waste recycling as Scotland works towards a target of reducing food waste by a third by 2025, to help combat the climate emergency. 

The food waste in general household waste bins is taken to landfill, where it produces destructive greenhouse gases like methane, which is much more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide and is helping to drive climate change.

Photo of a hand putting a teabag into a food waste caddy