A girl dressed up for Halloween holding a pumpkin

Rewear to scare this Halloween!

19 Oct 22 3 minutes

The scariest part of Halloween is that your brand-new costume costs more than you think. It costs the planet.

Around 80% of our carbon footprint in Scotland comes from all the goods, materials and services we produce, use and in the case of products, often thrown away after just one use. Scary stuff!

And Halloween costumes are no exception. Whether we’re trying to join in on the latest trends, or stepping up last year’s scare, we often neglect to think about what happens to our Halloween costumes come November 1st.

Get spooky with sustainability

Never mind skeletons in the closet, did you know the most sustainable Halloween costume will always be the one that you already own.

So, this year, raid your wardrobes and empty your drawers – we're challenging you to create this year’s gruesome get-up from items and clothing found around the house.

Looking for a bit of spooky inspiration? Keep your eyes peeled throughout October as we’ll be sharing videos and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help you look bewitching without the waste.

Get involved by sharing your Halloween outfits using #RewearToScare – we'll repost the best!

Here are five ideas to get you started on your sustainable Halloween costume...

1. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Wizard of Oz has been a firm family favourite for years and is great for a themed group outfit:

Dorothy – blue dress, white shirt/blouse, white tights and pigtails.

Tin man – grey sweatshirt, grey leggings.

Lion – orange t-shirt, brown or dark trousers and crimped hair (think 80s volume).

Scarecrow – green t-shirt, dark trousers, boots, summer hat.

2. The bedsheet ghost

A Halloween staple. If you’re in a pinch, the humble bed sheet is a winner. The more thread-bare the better with this one, so grab one that’s destined for the recycling bank and cut a couple of eye holes – while we want you to be sustainable, we don’t want you bumping into things.

Once Halloween is over, your bedsheet can be cut up to be reused as dusters, reusable napkins, customised pillowcases, draught excluders, bags, or even dog toys.

3. There are Stranger Things to dress as...

With the highly anticipated return of Stranger Things, we’re already seeing a surge in Hellfire Club t-shirts and other merchandise.

But there’s no need to buy new if you’ve got a blue v-neck, white jeans and an oversized flannel shirt for season four ‘El’. Or you can go back to season one with a pink dress, blue jacket or cardigan, white socks and trainers. No need to turn your house Upside Down to find these simple items.


4. Stars of the silver scream

If you feel the need...the need for a speedy costume, channel your inner Tom Cruise with a white t-shirt, bomber jacket, sunglasses (preferably aviators but any will do) and a pair of jeans.

After a little more magic? Solemnly swear you are up to no good in a grey shirt, dark track top and glasses – bonus points for a lightning bolt scar drawn in eyeliner.




5. Working from home

Don a shirt, tie and suit jacket, pair it with pyjama bottoms and slippers and you’re ready to go in five minutes. 

The finishing touches

Try as you might, there may be a few elements missing from your costume that you just can’t find at home.  

Ask around to find out if friends and family can help you out or shop second-hand - Revolve Reuse stores are treasure troves for finding key pieces to finish off your outfit. 

Remember to share your #RewearToScare outfits on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we’d love to see your creative ideas for wasting less this Halloween!