A field with bales of hay wrapped in plastic

Farming processes can lead to a variety of plastic waste - from silage wrap and crop covers, to fertiliser bags and containers. 

There is a solution to this problem, with many farmers already recyling their farm plastics.

Below is a list of collectors who operate in Scotland, covering most of the country (check individual collectors for information). 

Disclaimer – Please note that this list is not exhaustive and other collection agencies may operate in your area.  Inclusion on this list does not indicate Zero Waste Scotland’s endorsement of the company named.

Arrange your farm plastic collection by completing our quick five stage process. we will arrange a collection through our network of collectors to recycle plastic farm waste items silage pit covers, bale wrap, fert bags, feed lick buckets, drums and baler twine. We can also arrange bulk loads of black,white and clear crop cover, polytunnel and other horticultural plastics.

Solway Recycling

Farm Plastics include polytunnel, polythene, polypropylene bags and hard plastic drums, which can be collected loose, rolled, palletised or baled.

Wyllie Recycling Ltd

We are a complete farm waste management company based near Dundee but covering most of Scotland.  Our services include:

  • Collection of waste from farm
  • Waste drop off directly to our yard
  • On farm skip provision

The types of waste we can handle includes silage wrap, crop cover, fertiliser bags, chemical drums, cardboard and feed buckets. 

Farm Waste Recycling

Caledonian Recycling offer AGRICULTURAL PLASTICS (Trays, plant pots, Woven and white plastic floor cover, crop cover, fertiliser and seed bags, silage & net wrap and string, among others) and CARDBOARD waste collection to help farmers comply with new legislation running a collection and drop off service and with locations across Edinburgh, Mid & East Lothian and Scottish Borders. 

Tel: 0131 339 5554

Caledonian Recycling

Binn Group can arrange collection of all farm plastics, including silage pit cover, bale wrap, fertiliser bags, feed buckets, spay drums, and baler twine. They also specialise in polytunnel, crop cover and horticultural plastics. They have solutions for all agricultural waste and can service most areas of Scotland.

Tel: 01577 830833

Binn Group

Collection methods

Collections can be on an individual farm basis, but it may be beneficial for farms to join together to arrange a single collection.  This may work particularly well in more remote areas - talk to recycling collectors to see what could be arranged.

Collection method depends on the amount, location and also the collection agency, however collection methods can include but not be limited to the following:


Recycling Plastic Waste From Farming - Bins


Recycling Plastic Waste From Farming - Skips

How farm plastics are recycled

Companies like RPC bpi recycled products (a division of RPC bpi group) work with post agricultural, industrial and consumer plastics from a factory in Dumfries. 

The plastics are collected, cleaned, shredded and turned into pellets, which are used to create innovative ‘second life’ products, such as the award winning  Green Sack™. 

Plaswood, a 100% recycled plastic lumber, is also manufactured in Dumfries and can be fabricated into products such as boardwalks, fencing, gates and garden furniture.  Plaswood offers a sustainable, eco-friendly substitute for non-renewable materials such as wood, concrete and steel. 

Step 1 - Collection

Step 1 - Collection

Step 2 - Cleaning & Shredding

Step 2 - Cleaning & Shredding

Step 3 - Pelletising

Step 3 - Pelletising

Step 4 - Manufacturing into new products

Step 4 - Manufacturing into new products
Step 4 - Manufacturing into new products - Bench