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Keeping your bathroom recycling in check

17 Sep 21

All too often recycling gets overlooked when it comes to the bathroom. Yet your bathroom is awash with recyclables - some might even surprise you! 

Each year in the UK, 30,000 tonnes of plastic bottles needlessly end up in landfill, so it’s never been more important to recycle as much as we possibly can. 

So what can you recycle?

Our bathrooms are packed full of lotions and potions but are we recycling everything that we can after we’ve finished with it?  Did you know that you CAN recycle all of these items from your bathroom:

  1. Toilet roll tubes
  2. Handwash (reuse or remove the pump dispenser first)
  3. Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  4. Shower gel and bubble bath bottles
  5. Toothpaste boxes 
  6. Mouthwash bottles
  7. Aerosol deodorants
  8. Shaving foam
  9. Bathroom cleaner (reuse or remove spray tops first)
  10. Bleach bottles (remove dispenser cap and wash out thoroughly)

Remember it’s important to rinse out any containers once they are empty!

Scotland’s Recycling Sorter

If you’re not sure or want to double check what can be recycled in your area, visit the digital Recycling Sorter tool to check what items can be recycled in any Scottish local authority. Helping to ensure we’re all recycling as best we can.

Visit the Recycling Sorter for all the information you need.

Good bathroom habits

No, we’re not talking about putting the loo seat down. We want to help make bathroom recycling a new habit you stick with so you never miss a shampoo bottle again!

Get a bathroom recycling bin or re-purpose a basket or box for your plastic bottles, aerosols, toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes. If you’re short on space, try keeping your empties in a dedicated drawer or shelf or hang a recycling bag on the back of the door. 

If you don’t want to let it build up then throw as you go. As soon as you have something to recycle, leave it outside the bathroom door. You can’t ignore it sitting on the landing or hallway.

Another good trick is to pop your recycling empties in your washing basket so you can put them in the recycling bin next time you take the washing downstairs.

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Beyond your recycling collection

Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and contact lenses can all be recycled through TerraCycle. Check their website to see if there is a recycling collection near you. Makeup can also be recycled directly with brands such as MAC and Lush who have take-back schemes for products.

What can’t be recycled?

Just in case you aren’t sure here are the things that absolutely can’t be recycled in your bathroom:

  1. Toilet roll 
  2. Wipes
  3. Cotton wool
  4. Nappies

Apart from toilet roll NEVER flush any of these items down the toilet – always put these in the bin!