A young person holding their hand in the air in a classroom

#GetLitterLiterate Education Resources for Litter

21 Feb 23

School resources for Secondary pupils S1&2 which promote the prevention of litter and flytipping as a context for learning.

We have developed a comprehensive resource pack of new education materials which aim to teach pupils about the harmful effects of littering and mobilise them to act as influencers in their own communities and peer groups by creating digital content which can then be shared with their friends, families or wider community. The content was developed with the support from a steering group made up of members from other environmental organisations and teachers and is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence throughout. 

Our new resources can help you to:

  • Empower students create their own litter prevention behaviour change intervention;
  • Demonstrate Learning for Sustainability in practice;
  • Create evidence for your Eco Schools green flag application;
  • Contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Support students to become responsible citizens, successful learners, confident individuals and effective contributors; 
  • Design challenging and enjoyable learning experiences.

The resources are very flexible and adaptable for busy teachers and can be delivered in class time over the course of a few lessons or specific activities can be chosen from the pack. The materials created include:



If you are using the social media section of the resources and plan to share the material created by pupils we recommend involving your communications and media department around permissions and online safety.

We are really keen to hear from people who have used the resources and how they have been delivered. If you use the resources in your school and are happy to share your experience of them, feedback on the materials or other general comments, please get in touch with us: flytipping@zerowastescotland.org.uk.

If you are able to please use the #GetLitterLiterate hashtag on Twitter to help promote our resources so other schools and teachers can benefit from them.