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Food waste primary school resources

27 Feb 23

The Love Food Hate Waste education pack has been created for the Scottish curriculum.

Through a variety of engaging and easy to use inter-disciplinary lessons your learners are given a voice in the fight against food waste and will further understand this significant problem facing our world today. They are able to contribute directly in a positive and tangible way to reducing the amount of food we throw away.

The first lesson of each age group will inform and inspire your learners, the second will have them loving and valuing food, while the third will give them all the practical know-how to hate waste and save food from the bin.


P1–P3 lessons

  • Be a food saving hero
  • Food transformers
  • Practical powers

P4–P6 lessons

  • Shock spending scandal
  • Your country needs you
  • Plate promise

P6–P7 lessons

  • The road to reduction
  • Cultures of taste and waste
  • Investigating change 
  • Our lesson plans are designed to support your teaching with engaging worksheets, useful presentations and all the relevant Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes.

Download our education pack and start tackling food waste with your class.

Food waste primary school resources - Storage Snap