An illustration of a large digger driving over food waste made to look like a hill

Food waste monitoring toolkit for schools

07 Mar 23

Monitor kitchen and plate waste in your school canteen to help reduce food waste.

We’ve got toolkits for your catering team and, for teachers and pupils. Of course they can be used separately, but to you’ll get the clearest picture of the food your school is wasting by using both. The catering team toolkit is for monitoring kitchen waste (preparation waste, spoilage and unserved meals). The teacher and pupil kit is for monitoring plate waste from the canteen.

To make sure your pupils are getting the most out of food waste monitoring it can be used as part of our autopsy of food waste lesson from our Love Food Hate Waste education pack. The monitoring toolkit can enhance learning about the negative impacts of food waste and how it can be avoided.

Monitoring and measuring is the essential first step in helping your school reduce food waste. It’s easier than you think, in fact we’ll show you how to get started in six simple steps.

Our toolkits include:

  • A risk assessment form - we filled in some of the risks for you and there is space to add any that are specific to your school;
  • How to set up a monitoring area;
  • Monitoring sheets – to fill in to help you track and evaluate your results.