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Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030

28 Jun 22

Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste Route Map Consultation is now live. It sets out how the Scottish Government intends to deliver its system-wide, comprehensive vision for Scotland's Circular Economy by outlining priority actions that the government and others must take to accelerate progress between now and 2030. 

Consumption in Scotland is unsustainably high. How we use our resources remains a massive problem in the current climate emergency - but we know the circular economy is the best tool we have to end our throwaway culture and protect the environment.

Background to Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030

Throughout the development of Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste Route Map, key stakeholders from across a diverse, wide range of sectors have engaged in the process.

A first consultation for the Route Map was launched on 30 May 2022. The consultation set out a wide range of proposals to transform how we produce, consume, and manage Scotland’s resources, and maximise progress towards Scotland’s waste, recycling and emission reduction targets. The first consultation analysis is available here.

In line with stakeholder feedback from the first consultation, the Route Map has been streamlined from seven packages to four strategic aims each with priority actions, providing focus to deliver our circular economy vision for Scotland to 2030.

The four strategic aims are:

  • Reduce and reuse
  • Modernise recycling
  • Decarbonise disposal
  • Strengthen the circular economy
Infographic showing the consolidation on Scotland's circular economy route map to four strategic aims
Draft Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030 consultation now open

Consultation now open

The draft was Route Map consultation opened on Thursday 18th January 2024 and the Scottish Government would like to hear your views before publishing the final Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030.

Alongside this consultation document, the Scottish Government has also published a Strategic Environmental Assessment – environmental report. Zero Waste Scotland is encouraging individuals, businesses and organisations to engage with the consultation and have your say. 

Circular Economy Bill

In parallel with the development of the Route Map, the Scottish Government consulted on proposals for a Circular Economy Bill, to bring forward the primary legislation that’s required to underpin some of the key policy measures and interventions.  

The Bill will primarily deliver enabling powers that set a framework for the future, including delivery of some of the Circular Economy and Waste Route Map interventions. Read more about the Circular Economy Bill.

Key dates

  • First consultation Delivering Scotland's Circular Economy: Route map to 2025 and Beyond was launched on 30th May 2022 – 22nd August 2022 
  • Analysis of responses to the first consultation was published April 2023
  • A second consultation Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030 launched on 18th January 2024 – 15th March 2024. 
  • Final Route Map to be published in 2024

Next steps

Stakeholder input is vital to the success of Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste Route Map. Collaboration and partnership with stakeholders has been critical to the progress made so far.

Click here to join us Wednesday 21st February 10:00 - 12:30 to discuss the draft Circular Economy & Waste Route Map with Scottish Government policy leads from the Circular Economy Division who will lead the presentation and share their valuable insights along with a Q&A session at the end.

To get in touch with one of the team about the Route Map, please contact:

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