An abstract image showing power moving around a battery

Battery use in Scotland now and in the future

27 Feb 23

Zero Waste Scotland, in partnership with Transport Scotland and Scottish Enterprise has published new research forecasting battery demand in Scotland over the next 25 years.

Scotland’s world-leading targets to help end the climate crisis include fuelling half of Scotland’s heat, transport and electricity demand from renewable sources by 2030. Achieving this rapid transition from fossil fuel producer and consumer to global pioneer of green power will involve a huge transformation of our energy systems.

As we transition to a low carbon economy, batteries will play an increasingly important and welcome role in our transport and energy sectors. 

This research is the result of an important new collaboration between Zero Waste Scotland, Transport Scotland and Scottish Enterprise to assess the issues and opportunities for Scotland which batteries present. It recognises that future policy decisions will affect the growth in battery use and production in Scotland, and their wider environmental and economic impact.

Research objectives:

  • Provide a detailed picture of current battery use in Scotland;
  • Give short to medium-term projections for how that will develop, including specific electric vehicle battery projections; 
  • Make recommendations for future policy/ regulation considerations to improve the sustainability and support a greater level of circularity across the entire battery life cycle.

Key recommendations:

  • Updating the existing Extended Producer Responsibility scheme for batteries giving manufacturers a greater duty to minimise waste and associated emissions;
  • Introducing battery recycling targets and carbon footprint declarations to discourage waste;
  • Designing new batteries with end-of-life in mind so they are easy to disassemble for re-use.