Black and white photo of factory chimneys

Producer Responsibility for the Circular Economy

12 Oct 23

Humanity is facing a series of interlinked environmental and social crises that the United Nations (UN) has said could threaten the viability of our world and all the living things on it. 

All of these crises are driven by our use of materials and the next decade is going to be pivotal if we are to avoid global catastrophe. If we really want to curb our contribution to climate change we need to consume fewer resources.

Working with global organisations and individuals including the Product Stewardship Institute, the Center for Biological Diversity, Universities of Arizona and Delhi, and WasteMINZ (New Zealand), Zero Waste Scotland has co-written the Reducing Resource Extraction and Use: Producer Responsibility for the Circular Economy report.

The report proposes an innovative policy solution to address the impacts of products on climate change, pollution, biodiversity and social inequity – all of which are driven by overconsumption. This report builds on traditional extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy, which focuses on end-of-life waste management, to better incentivise producers to minimise material use and move towards a more circular economy.