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Biogas and Composting Survey

24 Jul 23 1 minute

On this Biogas and Composting Survey page, you will find Scottish composting, anaerobic digestion and biogas sector surveys. Read on to find out more and download our surveys below. 

The last organics sector survey took place in 2016 (obtaining 2014 data).

This unique Scottish survey was commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland, but followed on from time series surveying of the sector at the UK level (originally led by WRAP) and more recently combined surveys for the UK and Scotland (led by WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland jointly). 

Organics reprocessing remains a priority, with Scotland’s Making Things Last plan aiming for ‘Scotland to be a leader in anaerobic digestion’.  

Since 2014 we believe there have been significant developments within the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sector in particular, to justify updating our sector data.  

The following reports were carried out in 2018 using data from 2017 and cover both the Scottish AD and the composting sector.