Manufacturing is the process of transforming raw materials into finished goods through various processes while maintaining environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

People working with machinery as part of a manufacturing process

What can you do?

Manufacturing impacts everything from the products we use every day to the world around us. Sustainability within manufacturing is vital, with manufacturers rethinking processes and products to minimise environmental impact and maximise efficiency. 

  1. Implement green manufacturing processes: Businesses can implement green manufacturing processes, such as using renewable energy sources, optimising production processes to reduce waste, and implementing water and energy conservation measures, to reduce their environmental footprint.

  2. Embrace circular economy principles: Businesses can embrace circular economy principles, such as designing products for reuse and recycling, implementing closed-loop supply chains, and reducing waste, to create a more sustainable and efficient manufacturing system.

  3. Use sustainable materials: Businesses can use sustainable materials, such as recycled materials, bio-based materials, and renewable resources, in their manufacturing processes to minimize their environmental impact and create more sustainable products.

  4. Incorporate remanufacturing practices: Businesses can incorporate remanufacturing practices, such as refurbishing and repairing products, to extend their lifespan and reduce waste. This not only reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing process but also helps businesses save costs and increase profitability through a circular business model