An old drawer upcycled to be a dog bed

Upcycling an old drawer into a dog or cat bed

27 Mar 21 2 minutes

Upcycling is a great way to give your old things a new lease of life. Here’s celebrity interior design expert John Amabile’s guide to upcycling an old drawer into a dog or cat bed.

You’ll need:

  • An old drawer;
  • Coarse sandpaper;
  • Saw Paint (we’ve used chalk paint);
  • New handles;
  • Furniture wax;
  • A cushion for your pet to lie on.

Step one

Find an old drawer - you might have an old chest of drawers that’s feeling out of place or has seen better days - and remove the existing handles.

Step two

Make it safe for you and your pet by taking some coarse sandpaper and rubbing down all of the edges to make sure there are no splinters.

Step three

Next you’ll need to cut a little access hatch to make it easier for your pet to get into the bed.

The trick here is not to make it too wide or deep otherwise the sides will have no support. Measure between the handles on the inside of the drawer to get a centre line.

From this line you can then mark out lines an equal distance apart to give you your cutting lines. Use whatever you have to hand to draw the lines - as long as you are safe to do so the straight edge of the saw works well. Then simply use the saw and cut.

Step four

Now to customise your pet bed to match your home. Use a chalk paint which is quick-drying making it easier to apply to coats and dries to a lovely matt finish.

Work around the drawer and remember to paint the back because it will be seen, unlike when it’s inside a chest of drawers.

Step five

Pop some new handles in place to give the old drawer a brand new look. The finishing touches are to take some sandpaper and just lightly rub the edges again to release the colour of the original wood through.

Step six

Finish off with some furniture wax in all of the areas that you would find natural wear and tear. It builds up a patina or level of colour on colour.

Step seven

All that’s left is to find a comfy cushion for your pet to lie on. You could stuff a rustic sack to give the bed an overall trendy look - it’s up to you!